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At the end of the day, The Thousands is going to be losing a pretty large amount of money. Putting on an art exhibition isn’t cheap, and just selling a book isn’t going to back everything back. Luckily, I’ve got people who will loan me the money to put on The Thousands, and I’ll pay […]

Here’s a new video of Know Hope (with help from Chris Stain) painting a piece in New York City. Both Know Hope and Chris Stain will have work in The Thousands, so it’s cool to see them painting this piece together. Via Juxtapoz

On Thursday, I went to see a screening of Beautiful Losers at the London ICA. After the film, there was a Q&A with Aaron Rose via Skype. Among other things, Rose directed Beautiful Loser and owned Alledged Gallery in New York City. During the Q&A, I asked Rose for some advice on curating The Thousands […]