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This has been in the works and pretty much confirmed for a while, but I haven’t mentioned it for whatever reason. Burning Candy will be painting a mural outside of the exhibition. I think the Burning Candy crew includes most of the most important street artists currently living and painting in the UK. Their members […]

So this is crazy. I’m pretty sure that The Thousands will be the only art exhibition in London next month where you can buy ice cream at the opening. Gold Peg (photo of her street work below) is going to be hosting The Mad Beef Ice Cream Parlour. Only at the opening on November 18th […]

Os Gemeos


I’m very excited to announce that there will be a significant artwork in The Thousands by Os Gemeos. If Bansky is the face of the UK’s street art scene, Os Gemeos are the faces of the Brazilian scene. And as much as artists like Vitche and Zezao excite me, Os Gemeos will probably be the […]

The Thousands


The street art exhibition I announced last week finally has a name: The Thousands. Here’s a slightly adjusted announcement: On November 18th, The Thousands, an exhibition of some of the world’s best street art, will open in London for just 5 days. The Thousands will feature original work by some of the top names in […]