Snags and HARD WORK


Yes there has been a lack of updates on this blog. Not for lack of work, but for lack of interesting things I can announce publicly.

So here’s a quick update. As November 18th approaches, I’m started to get to that point where I start thinking: “Damn. This is real. There are Banksy prints in my house right now that I don’t own because there are going to be on display in November.”

And now that I’m not interning at EMI as I was for most of September (quite fun by the way), I am able to devote my entire day to art things. What am I learning? Organizing an exhibition is hard work and will probably involve less and less sleep as the opening approaches. But I’m working my butt off as much as possible and luckily I have a good support team of volunteers around the world (I’m serious, around the world) who see how important it is for The Thousands to be successful.

Drago will be publishing my book The Thousands: Painting Outside, Breaking In and they’ve put up a little teaser for the cover. I’ve got some great photos and a few contributors I am really proud to have on board like Panik ATG, Elisa Carmichael (Carmichael Gallery) and Mike Snelle (Black Rat Press).

Luckily, I still have time to make it to the occasional art opening, and might even be in Paris this weekend for JR‘s thing.

But not everything can go according to plan. Sometimes that means I’m having people offer to loan me artwork beyond my wildest dreams and that’s fantastic, but other times things not going according to plan means a lot more work for me to do. I’m still looking for a beer or spirit or wine sponsor. Everybody has cut their budgets it seems. Also, I haven’t been able to get all the artwork insured yet (a very serious issue), but that’s on it’s way to happening.


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