The book and why Drago Labs rocks


This week I’ve been hard at work on the companion book to The Thousands, to be published by Drago Lab. I probably ought to have more of it done by now, but I’m getting there. Some of it is turning out very cool thanks to a few guest writers who will be contributing sections and the forward will be written by one of my favorite people in the art world, but other bits are a bit confusing and slower moving.

When I met with the guys from Drago in Rome earlier this summer, I’d mentioned the possibility of a book to them, but hadn’t discussed it much. So I brought it up over drinks. I think Paulo, Drago’s founder, was the first person to honestly believe that I was going to be curating The Thousands and that it wasn’t just a pipe dream. Why is that? We were talking about how I knew the show would lose money, and Paulo said something along the lines up “You should film a documentary of the process. That way you can sell that, and if things don’t work out, that film could sell too.” I think he was half joking. Most people just said “Good luck and I’ll see you at the opening.” Paulo was the first guy to say to me: “You know this might be a spectacular failure right?”

Luckily, I knew The Thousands might be a spectacular failure and so far it is isn’t looking like it will be.


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