The artists’ opinions of The Thousands


One thing that I am working towards with The Thousands is the support of most or all of the artists whose work will be on display. The Thousands isn’t for me and I don’t want to upset any street artists by organizing it, particularly not the artists that I most admire and whose work I want to share with a wider audience.

That really means getting in touch with these artists directly (when possible) and making sure they like the idea of The Thousands and want to be involved. Now, some artists will probably say no, and that’s fine, and in some cases I’ll abide by the artist’s wishes and take them out of the exhibition. In others I may have to just upset one artist for the great good of the show and all the other artists that will be included. Of course, that’s not ideal at all, and hopefully none of the artists will object to their inclusion in The Thousands (so far everybody has been super supportive), but I think that’s the best strategy for the exhibition, the artists, and the collectors loaning me the most prized pieces of their collection.

Nobody and nothing is perfect, so The Thousands might not be that completely pure and beautiful exhibition that we’re all hoping for, but I’m definitely working my butt off to get it as close to that ideal as possible.

Does that sound fair to everybody?


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