Looking for art


Just in the middle of sending out some emails to strangers and acquaintances (such as art forum users) who might want to loan work for The Thousands. So far it’s been going very well, but I wish I had a better idea of who to reach out to. I’ve found pieces from Dalek, Barry McGee and ESPO from people I’d never been in touch with before. Hopefully the trend continues.

Still looking for things from people like Blu, Vhils, Space Invader, D*Face and Neckface (among others).


3 Responses to “Looking for art”

  1. hi there
    if you are trying outside of the U.S i would advise V1 in Copenhagen. I think they have a lot from NECKFACE

    best regards
    Daniel Toke

  2. 2 vandalog

    Thanks Daniel. I’ll look into that. For the most part though, I’m sticking to the UK to save on transport costs and the risk of things breaking in transit.

  1. 1 The Thousands | newcurator

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