Swoon and Shepard Fairey


I’m not going to be revealing every single piece that will be in The Thousands, but I will be using this blog to highlight a few key artworks that really make The Thousands worth visiting. The first two pieces I want to mention are the ones in the exhibition flyer.

Shepard and Swoon

That Shepard Fairey Muhammad Ali work is one of a couple pieces by Fairey in The Thousands. It’s easy to say that Fairey is now accepted by the mainstream because he made a poster of President Obama and does work for Rolling Stone and TIME Magzine, but the fact is that Fairey started out as part of the Beautiful Losers group and even today has a long way to go before he is accepted by the contemporary art world. It’s only been a few months since Deitch Projects put his work in Art Basel, and Fairey wasn’t exactly stealing the show so far as the mainstream art world was concerned.

The truly special piece in that photo might not be immediately apparent. It’s the old wooden box. That box is actually full of little bits and pieces that Swoon had laying around her studio. There are early sketches for images like this one, screenprints, papercuts, and other little scraps of artwork. Swoon made just two of these boxes, and this will be the first time the contents of either chest will be shown to the public.

I’m not even sure how I’ll be displaying those pieces from Swoon just yet, but I’m thinking of setting up a table in the center of the exhibition and putting the items between the table and a sheet of glass. Any other suggestions are welcome.

Hopefully this has given you some idea the caliber and awesomeness of the art that you’ll be able to see at The Thousands.


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