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Daniel Alarc√≥n wrote a fable called The Thousands. It was published in McSweeney’s 28. For those who aren’t readers of random literary journals, McSweeney’s is a literary journal founded by writer Dave Eggers. It’s kind of a quirky literary journal for hipsters, and I mean that in a good way. McSweeney’s is the only literary […]

Been getting some great publicity thanks to a few of my favorite blogs. Thanks to everybody who has been talking about The Thousands. Here’s a sample: Juxtapoz Slamxhype New Curator The Upper Playground Arrested Motion Brooklyn Street Art Artnet

This week I’ve been hard at work on the companion book to The Thousands, to be published by Drago Lab. I probably ought to have more of it done by now, but I’m getting there. Some of it is turning out very cool thanks to a few guest writers who will be contributing sections and […]

At the end of the day, The Thousands is going to be losing a pretty large amount of money. Putting on an art exhibition isn’t cheap, and just selling a book isn’t going to back everything back. Luckily, I’ve got people who will loan me the money to put on The Thousands, and I’ll pay […]

As you may have seen today on the awesome Arrested Motion blog, I’ve got a few new artworks to reveal as part of The Thousands (from WK-Interact, Faile, Know Hope and Chris Stain). You can check those images out there, because this post is about what AM has brought me and I’m trying to send […]

Here’s a new video of Know Hope (with help from Chris Stain) painting a piece in New York City. Both Know Hope and Chris Stain will have work in The Thousands, so it’s cool to see them painting this piece together. Via Juxtapoz

One thing that I am working towards with The Thousands is the support of most or all of the artists whose work will be on display. The Thousands isn’t for me and I don’t want to upset any street artists by organizing it, particularly not the artists that I most admire and whose work I […]